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Further information on our activities can be found further down this page.

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  • When confirmed, we will require a signed Health and Safety statement to the address below.
  • Please pay on the day or within 14 days of the invoice date.
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About our school visits

Each school is responsible for the pupils while they are on site. At least one adult per group of pupils. Maximum number per group is 15 pupils.

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Our activities

Activities are £2.00 each. Please fill in the numbers to do each activity. Further details on all our activities can be found further down the page.

Day event

Alternatively you can choose the day event "Treasure in the Rocks" - £8.50 Each. Please fill in numbers.

Guided Trail

A guided trail of the site is available. Groups up to a maximum of 25 - £2.00 per pupil.


Activities available

TIR (Treasure in the Rocks) is a standard groups of activities.

Guided Trail -  is a 1/2 hour trail within the site including

  • Lead mine
  • Fossil beds
  • Crinoid Beds
  • Limestone quarry

Longer Guided Trails of the site taking you to the above plus lime kilns, the Millennium Wall and other features are available, please contact us for further details.

Rocks and Minerals

Show a variety of minerals and Rocks.
A basic outline on how minerals join together to produce rocks.  

Fossil casting

Using moulds of  fossils to form Plaster of Paris casts. 
One for each pupil of the casts be handed to the school attendant to take back to school.

Gem Panning

Each pupil will be handed a pan containing sand and gems.  The object of the exercise is for the pupils to find  the gems by panning in the pools.  Each pupil will keep the gems they find.


At the time of writing the exhibition is temporary,  Pupils are guided through or are issued with a quiz sheet, all the answers are in the exhibition. 

Rock Shop

There is a small shop selling rocks, minerals and tokens of their visit to the National Stone Centre.

Goodie Bags for schools are now available in the Rock Shop - Goodie Bag 1 contains: Pencil, Pad, Rubber and Mixed Tumbled Gems - Goodie Bag 2 contains: Pen, Pad, Fossil and Mixed Tumbled Gems.  See the Schools Booking Form for more details.


Investigation of soils using two extremes, Clay and sand, plus loam. The pupils are asked to find as many of the 5 parts of soils    Soils are not usually used unless specifically by the school, who also decided while activity to leave off in its place.

The charges for the activities are £2.00 per pupil, per activity.
There are no charges for accompanying adults for the visit.