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Blue Lagoon


The Blue Lagoon Cafe will be reopening on April 12th 2021 for takeaway food and for outdoor meals. Our new takeaway menu and outdoor dining menu are shown below.


The Blue Lagoon Café is dog-friendly - muddy-paws always welcome!

The National Stone Centre has an amazing café on site; Blue Lagoon.

The friendly staff at Blue Lagoon will prepare fresh hot and cold food all with locally sourced ingredients, you can enjoy specialty teas as well as the best coffee in the area (in our humble opinion).  Why not try our all day breakfast!

When walking the High Peak Trail, why not treat yourself, call in and try a delicious freshly baked home-made fruit or cheese scone (especially the cheese!) and a proper English pot of tea.



If you’d been here 330 million years ago, as far as Buxton and Castleton from here there was a dazzling azure blue, equatorial lagoon - seen now as the thickly bedded, pure light-coloured limestones of the White Peak – volcanoes would have been blasting away now and again at Ashover and near Matlock, as well as further north.

You’d be dangerously on the very brink!  Just outside on the terrace to left and right – seen now as humped back shaped rocks, was a lengthy zone of fringing reefs – complete with basking sharks, banks of large shells, corals and wafting sea lilies – all proved in the fossil evidence.

Looking out of the window there would have been a very deep, murky, muddy gulf, stretching southwards to the next tropical shoreline near what is now East Midlands Airport – just think how much we could have saved on exotic holidays!

Luckily, quarrying to build the M1, stopped here just in time to reveal, but not destroy, key parts of the lagoon and reef rocks, as well as a thin band of volcanic ash. This unique set of geological features and its more recent history, are reasons why the area was chosen as the location for the National Stone Centre. On account of its geological significance, it is also nationally recognised as a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’ [SSSI].

Your hosts - Laura & Terazer - at the Blue Lagoon Café

Sultana, Cherry & Walnut and Cheese Scones (warm)

at the NSC's Discovery Centre - Mon-Sat: 9am-4pm - Sun: 10am-4pm

Coffee and cake

Cheese Tea

Jacket cheese and beans at Blue Lagoon café